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El Centro has skilled, reliable workers who are skilled in many different trades. They can help you in anything you can think of from drywall to landscaping to household cleaning. Something you’re unsure of, just ask! Give us a call at (718) 420-6466


Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire workers from El Centro?
Workers at El Centro show the initiative, dedication and responsibility. All workers at El Centro attend worker’s meetings where they learn civics, health & safety at the work place, and practice their trade all while being a part of a larger community. At El Centro we survey all of our members to document their construction, repair, maintenance, operating, supervision and sales skills and skill level so that we recommend the right person for every job!

What can the worker’s do for me?
The workers offer you honest and reliable work for any job. The most basic jobs include moving, painting, repairs, demolition, lawn work, general cleaning, masonry, but if you do not see the work you need listed here do not hesitate to ask us!

Who are the workers at El Centro?
The workers are part of the Staten Island community and members of El Centro. Many of our workers are of Latin American descent living on Staten Island looking for work to support themselves and their families. As members of El Centro they are required to attend Workers Meetings which encourage leadership and community involvement including monthly community service.

Why do the workers choose El Centro?

El Centro is a center of resources, support, education and access to work for the immigrant community. As members of El Centro they receive health and safety in the workplace trainings, are offered breakfast and lunch as many are not able to eat before work, and are helped in navigating legal and social concerns. Each member knows that El Centro facilitates work with employers who will treat them fairly and expect them to work to the best of their ability.

How do I hire a worker?

It’s simple! Stop in El Centro on 1546 Castleton Avenue (corner of Port Richmond Ave & Castleton Ave) or call El Centro at (718) 420-6466 or (646) 772-0096 to place an order. Call or stop in from 7am to 1pm from Monday through Friday (7am to 11am on Saturdays) to speak to one of our staff.

Do I need to make arrangements in advance?

No, you can make arrangements on the spot for general laborers. Just go to El Centro on 1546 Castleton Avenue (corner of Port Richmond Ave & Castleton Ave) and speak to one of our staff. If you need a specialized worker it is a good idea to call a couple days in advance at (718) 420-6466 or (646) 772-0096 to make arraignments.

What are the pay rates?

Workers have collectively developed a pay scale. The hourly wage for general labor starts at $12/hr (please consult our collectively developed 2010 Pay Scale) and may be higher depending on the difficulty level and job skill needed. Tips are always welcome! Our staff at El Centro can always help determine the appropriate minimum wage for different jobs.


How will the worker get to the job?
Most workers rely on you to provide transportation to and from the worksite and it is El Centro’s policy that if the worksite is located outside of Staten Island that you provide transportation. If the worksite is on Staten Island occasionally worker can arrive via public transportation if possible.

What are my legal responsibilities?

The workers are not general contractors and you will need to provide all tools, materials, and safety equipment for all workers.

What about breaks, food and drink?

You should have water available at all times or make arrangements for the worker to purchase something before leaving for the job. If you have a full work day, be sure to provide break times.

How are workers paid?

Payment should be made in full at the end of the workday or as arranged during negotiations with the worker in the office. Most workers prefer to be paid in cash, but are often willing to accept company checks. Sometimes workers receive a tip in addition to their wages, but this is not required. Workers do not accept personal checks.

Where does my money go?

The worker’s keep 100% of their pay. El Centro does not take commission or receive any money for its workers.

What if issues arise with the worker?
For workers to be part of the work center they must abide by collectively made Rules for Receiving Employment. El Centro is dedicated to screening all workers and ensuring that they are honest, reliable and professional. If you are unsatisfied with their work or have any concerns we ask that you do not hesitate to inform us.

What employment services does El Centro offer?

  • All of the workers who use El Centro’s services are committed to follow
    El Centro’s  collectively made Rules for Receiving Employment to insure that the employers get honest, reliable and professional workers.
  • El Centro is dedicated to the security and well-being of our workers and employers. To insure a high-degree of professionalism, El Centro distributes identification cards recognized locally to the workers who use our services.
  • El Centro’s multicultural, multilingual staff is available to assist in communication during the negotiation and throughout the job via telephone during El Centro’s business hours
  • At El Centro we classify workers according to their skills and experience in order to provide you with the correct workers according to their abilities
  • We uphold a written agreement between you and the worker to keep track of who you are working with at all times and all your information is kept completely confidential
  • To insure employer satisfaction we have a quality control process that includes a brief feedback sheet where employers can comment on job performance and encourages employers to return to request workers with whom they have had a positive experience

What else should I know about El Centro del Inmigrante?
El Centro del Inmigrante does not charge employers or workers fees for our services. As facilitators, our role is to provide a meeting place for workers and employers. We know many of the workers and help match the worker to the type of work needed. We trust the worker to meet your expectations and we trust you to treat the worker fairly.

What if I have Questions?
Call El Centro at (718) 420-6466 or (646) 772-0096 from 7am to 1pm from Monday through Friday (7am to 11am on Saturdays) and speak to one of our staff who will be happy to answer any of your questions. Or email us at


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