Organizing & Advocacy

El Centro del Inmigrante believes it is important to empower the community with civic knowledge. The community has formed various groups who meet regularly to educate themselves on topics pertaining to their interests and we support them through facilitation and leadership trainings.

Community Meetings:

  • Wednesday at 7pm
  • Topics include: Health, Insurance, Public Safety, School Access, Immigration

Las Senoras of St. Mary (Domestic Worker’s Group)

  • The Ladies of St. Mary’s show a unique work ethic and are driven to provide top-notch cleaning services at reasonable costs.
  • For more information call or trainings call: 718-273-6934 or click for more information: Las Senoras of St. Marys

Worker’s Committee::

  • Worker’s Meeting every Tuesday at 7pm
  • Workplace safety, Job readiness, and other classes provided
  • El Centro has skilled, reliable workers who are skilled in many different trades. They can help you in anything you can think of from drywall to landscaping to household cleaning. Something you’re unsure of, just ask! Give us a call at (718) 420-6466 or click for more: Worker’s Center
  • We collaborate directly with OSHA & the Department of Labor of NY in our workers programs and with any problems a worker may be having at work
  • Community Service: Every month workers perform a community service

Woman’s Group

  • Monday & Wednesday 9-10am
  • Discuss themes of: immigration law, health, domestic violence, child services

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