Workers Training Workers Program

Here at El Centro we are very excited to announce the launch of our new Workers Training Workers Program. Motivated after our Worker’s Meeting discussions about implementing new policies for the Workers Center the workers have begun to teach each other their skills. This is a brand new initiative was started and is lead by the individual workers, where workers have stepped up and volunteered to teach the various skills they know to other members.

This past Tuesday was the first session which featured a couple members demonstrating drywall installation and minor repairs.  Next week the workers will be teaching and practicing tapping and compound.

We are proud of our members of taking initiative to start this program which helps us ensure that our workers have constant practice and knowledge of different skills. This program complements our newly launched Workers Skill Inventory which helps us match workers to employment more efficiently. This inventory consists of a survey which members must complete asking them to mark each skill they have and the level of that skill. Overall these programs help to ensure that workers know what they are doing at the work site and are safe and that the employer is receiving the best work possible.

We would like to congratulate our members on a job well done on their very first session!


~ by El Centro on July 7, 2010.

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